My Ideal Job Description

“If I create the background, the foreground will create itself.”

Ideal Job Description

We are looking for an individual who is motivated to provoke creative change in the world by developing systems that will constantly adapt in order to fit the shifting global paradigm. The pace of business is moving so rapidly due to global interconnectedness that many employees and workers find themselves feeling overwhelmed, burned out, and frustrated. This person will reevaluate current business practices and individual roles within the organization in order to maximize overall organizational connectedness. This individual will increase operational efficiency and global organizational awareness in order to motivate and help everyone to succeed. By facilitating a new more creative perception of the organizational mission, this individual will strengthen the individual work ethic within the organization, utilize technology to allow greater human creative capital, and construct new systems that connect the individual parts to the whole.


  • We are looking for someone who is creative, energetic and ready to learn.
  • We want an individual that is motivated to overcome challenges and solve problems.
  • We seek an individual who is idealistic in the pursuit of theoretical goals and pragmatic in the pursuit of realistic results.
  • This person must possess strong leadership qualities and an individual stalwartness in order to stand up and change the status quo.
  • This individual must have superior communication skills, a keen understanding of organizational operations, and the ability to see the big picture.
  • We seek a charismatic leader with experience managing and leading people in order to be an expert motivator, trainer, and teacher.
  • The ideal candidate would possess a four year liberal arts degree with a strong background in political science, economics, and humanities.
  • This individual must have experience in customer service, facilitation techniques and problem solving.


  • This position is based in the greater Boston area with a salary of 40k-60k annually.
  • This individual should expect to work 40-60hrs per week and occasionally on weekends.
  • Travel may be required as necessary.
  • The company provides comprehensive health and dental, 401k, paid holidays, paid sick days, and vacation.


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