Of Epic Proportions...

"Nothing happens unless first a dream."

The Plan:

Funded by heavy corporate sponsorship and armed to the teeth with brand name equipment, we will embark upon a six-month expedition to experience major worldwide gatherings of individuals that simply know how to BE. From The Midsummer Night’s Dream Party in Cali and Ibiza in Spain to The Full Moon Party in Thailand and Paganello in Italy. Living through Carnivale in Brazil, Oktoberfest in Germany, and the Fetish Fantasy Ball in Las Vegas. Conducting interviews, visiting historical sites, and dominating epic parties, our simple message rings true: If you're confident enough to realize that simply Being makes you happy, you can truly share your zest for living and compassion for humanity.

The Goal:

To change the lives of those who cross our serendipitous path and unite the global community through internet word of mouth to increase the exposure of Choosing to Participate, Ultimate Frisbee, and the spirit of compassion for humanity that this Organization and this Sport truly embody and personify. Using weekly newsletters, daily journal entries, altruistic advertising, pointed propaganda, and high-grade humor we will publish vivid stories, present live storytelling, reveal provocative images, and supply sound advice. A good cause, a piece of plastic, and a dream to spread our zest for living and compassion for humanity.

The Cause:

Choosing to Participate is a program that began in Boston in 1998 and will return to Boston in January of 2007. This program shows the large impact that a small group of people can have on the world. These individual efforts can be both lasting and beneficial for the lives that they have touched. As they come together to honor and commemorate the battle that these children and young adults fought to shape their lives (and ultimately ours), we too can inspire our children to make the changes necessary to discover the bright future that lies ahead. Choosing to Participate tells three stories, which you can read about at http://www.facinghistory.org/facing/fhao2.nsf/all+docs/CTP+homepage?opendocument. Please be curious enough to learn more.

The Sport:

Ultimate Frisbee is a competitive, up and coming sport that personifies the concept of playing the game for the spirit of the game. An artful sport that inspires teamwork and good will between players while still achieving the ultimate goal of victory. Big lay outs, monster defensive bids, and full field hucks, grace the grassy expanses throughout the world. Learn more about The Ultimate Community at http://www.upa.org.

The Result:

The epic journey depicting how two men, a disc, and a cause, can travel the globe to start a word of mouth epidemic to discover peace of mind by being mindful of others.


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