Axel - Coincidence or Destiny?

"Confidence is all it takes to be a baller."

Dear Director of Sales and Marketing,

I would like to share with you the profound effect Axe Body Spray has had on my life as well as my Ultimate Frisbee team, Metal Ultimate based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Axe-Down (v.) To spray an excessive quantity of Axe Body Spray on one's body as well as the bodies of those in the surrounding area to mask the smell of sweat and odor created by excessive athletic activity.

What began as a post-game trend for Metal, has spread like wildfire through the entire Boston Ultimate community as the fragrance of Axe Body Spray permeates the grassy fields and the local hang outs. After practice, after games, or simply after hanging out, one of several teammates will ask, "Who wants to Axe-Down?" as a container of Axe Body Spray is passed around for all to use. As the pungent smell of Phoenix rises from our circle of players, everyone can sense the Axe Effect taking over. Due to excessive use of your product, we have been able to effectively dominate on and off the field. We have not only received our first bid to Ultimate Club Nationals, but also, (and I know I speak for the whole team) we have received countless winks, grins, and full-hand ass grabs from female players. Your product has given us the confidence and aroma to truly ball out of control!

Thank you for creating this revolutionary and life changing product. You can be sure we will continue to “Axe-Down” as we prepare to conquer Club Nationals in Sarasota, FL in a few weeks.

As an aside, we would like to suggest “Metal” or “Ultimate” as one of your next fragrances. Please also let us know if you have any opportunities for sponsorship because…You can’t ball out of control on the Ultimate field unless you’ve Axed-Down!


Max "Axel" Woolf
Metal Ultimate #44


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thats some funny shit, maxel

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