He's Back!

Has it really been 16 months since my last posting? Have I really disappeared from the world of ridiculous shared information since then? Has nothing happened in the world of Big Baller Woolf? Clearly, the answer is that over the past 16 months I have been balling so far out of control that I have been encapsulated in the world of ridiculous unable to form words in to sentences!

Now, however, as the international blog scene has entered back onto my radar, my desire to contribute more of my own nonsense on a large scale has increased dramatically and I must share my thoughts with the world of wide web. I must let those who I know, who I love, and who I do not keep in contact with, what is going on in my life… I have kept my secret life of balling to myself for too long. Thankfully, that is all about to change…

Be patient and live in fear as more thoughts and musings on life to come.

Just remember this mantra to live by: Don’t hate the baller; hate the ball!


Blogger courtney said...

Big Bad Woolf,
You are all talk. There's a lot of rhetoric here about what shall henceforth be referred to as BOOC. I need evidence. Stories. Photos. Police Reports. Scars.
Incredulously yours,

2:50 AM  

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