Day 14: Driving Through The Dakotas

We are currently rolling through North Dakota at smooth, steady 85 miles per hour. We are able to move at such a clip because the speed limit is 75 miles per hour, which means that 85 miles per hour is basically legal. Who said slow and steady wins the race? Fast and steady has us arriving in Theodore Roosevelt National Park at 3:50pm and Rapid City, South Dakota at 7:30pm.

Brett is currently at the helm because I-94 makes driving a standard transmission as easy as driving a big wheels in your driveway. On the way to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we are planning to stop at the World's Largest Cow. For some reason, North Dakota has 5 sets of "Giant Beasts" aka Ridiculous Porcelain Animal Monstrosities. I am not really sure what the allure is of these animals, but they are close to I-94.

And as much as I love large 60 ton porcelain Buffaloes, I'd prefer the real thing. These real bison are enjoying a little afternoon drink on the side of the Sheyenne River.

All right, I am back to enjoy the ride as Paul Wall and Chamillionaire blast loudly through the North Dakota landscape on our way to see Salem Sue and her 38 feet of Holstein Glory...


Blogger Misha said...

I think those are cows, not buffaloes. Or is that the peyote talking?

11:17 AM  

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