Time for East Ocean City

I have been trying to explain to my parents the value of a DVR and TXT messaging. For some unknown reason, they fail to understand the true magnitude of this upgrade in your entertainment and communications worlds. As you step into a new genre of information transfer that allows you to choose exactly when you can watch a program and how long that program will last while also controlling the pace of the program. And during that program you can send messages without interrupting the flow of life. You are in complete command of the essence of the moment. Time is of the essence and you are living in that flickering moment. You must use your time wisely and most efficiently as you navigate through her fleeting glory. Time moves both as slow and as fast as you desire unfortunately not always as you desire it. So as I sit waiting for my friend to get off the phone (as he delves into a deep emotional argument with his girlfriend. They have been on a break for 24 hours and the emotional turmoil has yet to set in for either of them. They have been dating for so long that although they were able to agree to shirk their emotional ties, the spiritual connection between the two is overpowering. They began what he thought was a 5 minute conversation and turned it into an emotional deluge of tears and sorrow as they both realized what they have done. And if they decide to continue on this course than they will affirm the previous assessment or more likely they choose to be resigned about the whole matter. We’ll talk soon, I gotta go. And don’t you hang up that phone. After moments of awkward uncoordinated silence. Frustration and confusion. Love mixed with tension. Fear of not having that someone to rely on, no matter how difficult things were. She meant a lot to him and he meant a lot to her. They spent many long evenings and afternoons chatting and flirting and kissing. And it was a pleasant change for both from their otherwise distinct work and school lives. It was a paradise of sorts where you could joke and laugh and smile and nod. Because you loved her and she loved you. It was magical and something to look forward to. Until someone decided that the life that they led the majority of the time was making them realize the reality of the situation. You were living a duality. Two existences. One in the relationship and one in the non-relationship. And this is a difficult thing, a miserable existence, and an absolutely phenomenal set up. Until of course someone no longer agrees. The reason doesn’t matter. Just simply, the agreement does not hold. Hence once it does not hold it becomes only the first two and the third is untrue. So where was I? Time to get off the phone, I yelled, this is my going away party! I hear the Land Crab is very good), I can be thankful that my Bluetooth is in place, the DVR is paused, and whilst typing away at this post, I have been firing off text messages to my friends with nary a break in the action. And then, Dexter, a Showtime Original, will become my life as I gently pass the time before the dinner bell rings. And there she is in the distance. A faint cry through the cool summer breeze. She calls to me. Sings to me. The dinner bell has tolled and we are off into the Chinatown mist headed for East Ocean City. I hear the goon is a delight, the cake is of her Majesty, and the Land Crab is exquisite! ‘Til Tomorrow. BBW.


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