Day 2: Yankee Stadium

Today, we found ourselves sitting in the grandstands of Yankee Stadium hoping that the Red Sox would get a hit as Cano effortlessly knocked two of Schilling's pitches out of the yard. It was not what we had hoped for, but thankfully, I brought my broom along with my Ortiz jersey to the game.

After several inning of unexciting ball, the fans were finally brought to their feet in the 7th inning as Fracona argued an overturned tag out of Jew-koulis at third. As 50,000 fans taunted everything Red Sox, Fracona was thrownout of the game and the Red Sox admitted defeat.

As we quickly swept out of the stadium in the 8th inning prior to the Chamberlain ejection, I was mercilessly taunted by everyone I passed for my Red Sox apparel. All in all, I enjoyed my first experience at Yankee Stadium, but that was mostly because of the mid-afternoon beers and hot dogs. Let's hope that the evening festivities will hold more of the same minus the dogs!


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