Summit Ave Seeks Baller

Three ballers seeking a fourth roommate. We are three men living in the luxurious haven of 300 Summit Ave #3 in Brighton, MA. Our spacious living room, eat-in kitchen and cold-tiled bathroom provide ample living conditions for a like minded individual looking to live the good life. We are laid back roommates, interesting personalities, and sarcastic humorists. Our DVR is chock full of quality programming and our fridge is laden with frozen dinners, though cooking is never out of the question. Our interests, include but are certainly not limited to, Ultimate Frisbee, financial analysis, hypothetical conjecture, and general balling. There’s no parking for you, but we do have two spots, and we’re a short walk from the B and C lines. And get this. Imagine living that life with the financial happiness and liquidity of $575 heat included. Good people, Good space, Good price. If I were a pop icon, I would say, “Let the good times roll,” but that would neither be funny nor poetic; simply awful. So let ballers be ballers with the understanding that this may be the best decision of a lifetime. When you’re ready to take the leap, drop me a line at summitaveballers@gmail.com. You’ll know if this ad is for you. Just read it again.

If you, or any ballers you know, would like to join us at Summit Ave...come on down and let the good times roll!


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