Life 2: Shed Some Light on Positive Energy

Last night, I found myself sitting in a small shed with eight people organically generating positive energy. Now, before you jump to any conclusions about what that statement could possibly mean, let me shed some light on it.

Jon and Michael both have huts in their backyards. Jon is a lawyer and Michael is a school teacher, but in their huts they are magicians, visionaries, comedians, songwriters, and most importantly compassionate individuals. For them this is a place where they go to relax and embrace a lifestyle that is truly distinct from the other facets of their life. They play guitar, play drinking games, make jokes, and invite friends to share in the positive energy.

Now, as this was my first visit to the shed, I too was skeptical of what to expect. When Tim told me that he was going to a shed, I pictured a dark, cold, uninviting place with mice, tools, a six-foot bong in the corner and too much Budweiser. What I found was a warm, energetic, haven where these gentlemen, their friends, and their wives can go to escape the everyday crises of the real world. This hut was fully loaded with all the necessary accoutrements of self-discovery and spontaneous unbiased enjoyment. The shed was roughly 6x12 with comfortable seating for 4 (though last night we were able to tightly fit 8). There was a fridge in the corner; a space heater in the back; a phone on the wall; a keg of Sierra Nevada inside the house; a few bottles of Scotch and Tequila on a shelf; a collection of rocks, shells, drift wood, and small trinkets; a centrally located table that tied the room together; and the walls were carefully laden with pictures, phrases, signs, and candle holders.

With the kids asleep, the candles burning and the music blasting, we sat and played several dice games amidst jokes and bouts of laughter. We sang Dylan songs to the guitar and listened to an eclectic mix of Jon’s music. We talked about life, liberty, rock-n-roll, the pursuit of happiness, and interesting, sometimes nonsensical, subjects. And most importantly, we enjoyed carefree fun on a Wednesday night in a setting free from television and the outside world.

These gentlemen have discovered how to create a fully functional haven for relaxation and recreation right in their backyards. By creating this liminal space for exploration, they have created a communal outlet for creative positive energy. These are men with a vision, living the dream in the backyard of an American suburb!


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