Synchronicity: Killed the Cat

Since my last entry, I have spent the past week truly living my vision. By embracing this new context for my life, my performance at work, the events and activities in my life, and my relationships with others, have manifested in a very positive way. My eyes are open to a new way of being that is more fulfilling because I am enjoying each and every interaction and living in the moment all the time.

It is very important to understand that the quality of life improvement in my life is not due to the fact that my vision is to build more compassionate relationships. That is my own personal vision. The key is simply having a vision because it gives you a context in which to live. For example, if my vision were to be a mentor to children in a classroom or to get in better shape to run the Boston Marathon, I would still experience the same positive changes and quality of life improvements. Having a vision generates a context in which to live and within this context your actions are all purposefully aligned with your vision.

Over the past week, I have had several very powerful experiences that I would like to share because I think that they build upon my most recent post on destiny and vision.

These experiences will be recounted in 9 parts over the next few days.


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