Life 3: The Puppet, The Puppet Master, and The Players

This past May, I traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament. I picked up with a team from Brooklyn, New York that had many players that I did not know. This gave me the opportunity to meet many new and interesting people, including the ladies of Ambush, a women's team from Brooklyn. On May 14, my birthday, I traveled to Christiana with Tim O’Leary and Brian Stout, also picking up with the team. Throughout the day, we had several very enlightening experiences that led me to want to know more about my own birth as well as helped me realize my need to build relationships with those around me.

The Puppet: He thinks he's one of The Players!

Without going into specific details of the conversations that I had with many different people, I will try to encapsulate the essence of these interactions that was truly powerful. As I took a step back from my own reality and absorbed the world around me, I began to see the dysfunction in which we all constantly live. Our actions are not necessarily motivated by positive symbiotic behavior, but, in fact, by very parasitic or spiteful behavior. We act out of unconscious habits constructed in the past rather than live our purposed existences in harmony with the community and the universe. Not knowing that we are on the dysfunctional path, and instead believing that we are on the true path, we conform to habits that do not help us achieve our desired goal. The result of which is disharmony and dysfunction in our lives.

The Puppet Master: He thinks he controls the Puppet.

This realization was a powerful one for me as well as the people with whom I shared this. I was able to give very matter of fact advice on life simply by making observations about their actions. By opening their eyes to the motivations and traumas that causing this dysfunctional behavior, they were able to understand the possibility of changing their behavior. The ultimate goal being to live in a constant flux of self renewal through an analysis of one’s own actions as they occur. It is as if you are the puppet, the puppet master, and the players; the players being the other ballers, balling out of control! And in this tripartite reality, you seek the ultimate goal of discovering your destined path.

The Players: These Guys are Balling Out of Control!

(Please note: The above men may or may not have any strings attaching the Puppet Master to the Puppet, but as I said above, these are The Players.)

This process of moving seamlessly between these perspectives will help you live a purposeful life with an understanding of your conscious self, your unconscious self, and your connection to others. You are the Puppet, the Puppet Master, and the Players. And hopefully, balling out of control!

Big Baller Woolf: The Puppet, The Puppet Master and The Players


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